Lüfka Lifestyle


Boost your Oxygen levels

By using your lüfka to exfoliate your skin every time you take a shower, you will boost the oxygen levels in your skin and improve your circulation.  

Boosting oxygen levels in your skin is imperative if you want a healthy and glowing complexion. Skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, dark circles, veracious veins, slow healing scars, and lackluster or discolored skin can indicate the absence of oxygen to the skin.

Exfoliation is an activity that boosts circulation to improve your complexion by feeding your skin cells with rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients, while working to whisk away toxins and waste products. The better your circulation, the better your skin, it’s as simple as that! 


Detoxify your Body

It’s highly beneficial to use your lüfka before and after you take a trip to the gym, yoga studio, swimming pool, or the beach. Your pores will naturally open allowing your skin to breathe resulting in improved levels of body detoxification. 

Using your lüfka in conjunction with an exercise routine also promotes healthy circulation, making exercise and exfoliation the number one ways to boost circulation and improve your complexion.

Leave the gym with a healthy glow!


Increase Body Consciousness

One of our missions is to promote body consciousness and self awareness. This starts by loving your skin. When you start exfoliating your skin and opening your pores, you start becoming more conscious abut your health and your body. This will lead to other healthy choices such as exercising, meditating, taking vitamins, eating more fruit and vegetables, getting in touch with the natural world, and helping others.